Leroy Fujimoto Finds Miodrag Kovac’s Family

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My name is Mr. Andrew Taylor, a British national. I am a financial adviser to a very renowned financial institution .in United Kingdom, which have affiliate branches in other parts of Europe and Asia. We act as financial advisors, fiduciary agents and as a Securities company.

On Friday, April 12th 2002, we gathered reliable information about the death of one of our prominent customers, Mr. Miodrag Kovac, who was the Yugoslav Minister for Health and Labour Secretary. This customer has a total deposit of USD96M in our custody, whose contents he officially declared as Company treasures & Family Valuables because of confidentiality and to reduce the Tax Payment on the deposit. I am opportune to know this secret because I acted as his adviser and proxy when he was alive. I am also aware that he acquired most of these funds from the illegal smuggling and sales of Medicines in Yugoslavia. Hence he resolved to keep the deposit with our company.

The deposit has since been due for claim but no one has come up as the next of Kin to lay claims. All efforts by our company to contact the given address he provided in his file for the next of kin have proven abortive. Last week, the company had a Board meeting and resolved to take all unclaimed deposit to our Terminals in other parts of Europe and Asia for decongestion of our UK terminal. Under the company regulations, once no one comes as the next of Kin to claim any deposit after delivery within 30 working days, the company will take possession of it and Auction the Contents under Section 2C, Sub-session 14 of our company Manifesto of 1990. In the process, if the item is discovered to be cash, it will be immediately reported to the authorities because it is against our code of conducts to keep cash. On the other hand, the officials in charge of the auction may take advantage of the opportunity to embezzle the funds.

To avoid the above and due to the complete knowledge I have of the deposit as a proxy to the late Miodrag, I have resolved to claim the deposit but I need a credible person to present as a Trustee. This is why I am contacting you in confidence to enable us work together and make this a reality. I got your contacts from a search into the Internet and was inspired to seek your cooperation that will further enhance my aim to claim the deposit. I have also concluded the best way to create notarized documentation, which will effectively provide the required framework for appointing you as the Trustee to the original beneficiary to successfully claim the deposit without violating both the United States and European laws on monetary transfers

I am willing to share 40% of the total funds to you, 10% for any charity organisation and the remaining 50% for me. I shall prepare a memorandum of understanding to this effect. If you are interested, kindly respond promptly through the above email address or my fax 442076812483. I do not intend to contact any other person until I get your response. So, your urgent response will be highly appreciated.
Awaiting your response and God bless.



Tue, 06 May 2003 10:33 AM

I heard about that. It was on CNN about a year ago. Miodrag Kovac hanged himself while in Spain. According to PRAVDA, he was married with two children. His wife is Zvezdana Kovac, a journalist with many years of experience at RTV Montenegro and editor-presenter with YU Info Channel. His sons are Marko and Bojan.

If I can find this out from halfway around the world, you must not be trying very hard. In fact, I think you’re trying to hide the money from them. I think you’re trying to cheat them out of their inheritance.

If you want me to help you do that, you’re going to have to give me 60% of the money. If you don’t I’ll contact his family myself and let them know what you’re up to.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Leroy Fujimoto

No reply. Guess I came on too strong.

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