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Scam Baiting… it’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it!

Our initial attempt at scammer baiting was so much fun we’ve decided to make it a whole new feature at Monkey Spit. We’ve taken over the long-neglected In-Box to serve as a home for it.

First off, I can’t even begin to claim credit for the scam baiting idea; I was inspired by the Ebola Monkey’s efforts. At the bottom of the page I’ll list some additional resources in case you want to try it yourself.

Our Correspondence:

Earlene Meets Dr. Michael Steve, part 1

Earlene Meets Dr. Michael Steve, part 2

Earlene Meets Dr. Michael Steve, part 3

Peter Parker Meets Dr. Michael Steve

Leroy Fujimoto Meets Wale Abiola

Leroy Fujimoto finds Miodrag Kovac’s family

Leroy Fujimoto’s long-lost Daddy

Scammer Baiting Resources:

Toasted Spam, a spam subscription service

PseudoMailer, an anonymous mailing service

e-fax, a free fax service. Faxes are converted to graphics and sent to your e-mail address.

Payphone Directory. Need a phone number? Pick one.

It also helps to have some PhotoShop skills, but you can also find just about any picture you might need at Google’s Image Search.

The Feds. This is the e-mail address for the United States Secret Service, which investigates this kind of fraud. If you want to write it down for later, the e-mail address is Keep this address even if you don’t want to screw around with the scammers; add it to your address book and forward all the scam letters to them as soon as they come in. When you do, be sure to change the subject line to “No Loss – For your database” so that they can process it properly. (If you actually lost money to one of these sharks, put that in the subject line so they can give you higher priority.)

NIGERIAN 419 FRAUD -Scam-baiters page

SCAMORAMA – the Grandaddy of Scam-baiting pages! Tons of information and laughs! Provides a place for scam-baiters to send in their ‘work’.

SWEET CHILLI SAUCE – scam-baiters pageThe amusing scam-baiting escapades of J. Cosmo Newberry.

THE CHAOS PROJECT Very interesting page which was pre-paid by some scam artists as a fake bank site but then taken over by an intrepid scam-baiter and is now used for good and not evil.

WHAT’S THE BLOODY POINT? Scam-baiters page

Cindy Louwho vs Sam I am a great example of scam baiting, and the site I stole most of these links from.

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