Rantman’s Notebook Archives

Here’s a list of all the “Rantman’s Notebook” posts I wrote between 2002 and 2006. Links will be activated as the articles are restored to the site.

Halloween is Good for You.
More Super-Simpsons and an Election Note…
The Geekiest Thing Ever!
Marketing: Threat or Menace?
Getting Political
We Get Mail
Muppets R.I.P.
Old Ladies in Red Hats
2005 Geek Movie Guide, Part 2
2005 Geek Movie Guide
Super Bowl 2005
Rant-Man’s Book Club
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Sky Captain
Totally Obsessed, or Why I Hate the Internet
Unintentionally Funny
Howdy, Duty!
The Scarlet Dragon
Thanksgiving 2003 Movie Review
Oddly Enough
We Get Mail
I Quit!
The Circus Leaves Town…
Scamming the Scammer, Part 3
Got Your Poodle Hat?
AARGH! More Customer Service Horrors.
The Return of Rant-Man.
Dead Pool Update.
The Scamming Continues.
Scamming the Scammer.
Ding Dong, Saddam is Dead…
Fool Me Once…
Quoth the Raven
“Today’s War is brought to you by Doritos.”
Customer Serviced Part 2 and other tales
Customer Serviced
Nature Boy
Vegas in Daylight
Caller Ten, Call Now
So You Think You Know Everything?
Some Friends of Mine.
A Nation of Wimps.
I See Stupid People.
Dead Pool 2003
Forgetfulness, Mr. Blackwell and Dwarf Pitchmen
Happy New Year!
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.
The Smartest Man You Never Heard Of.
Thanksgiving With the Skanks
Geek Bonding
Lamenting the Family Channel; We get mail
Real-Life Superheroes
Gravity is a Harsh Mistress
Attack of the Funsuckers
Clowns and Other Aberrations
Ticking People Off
Hell’s Jukebox
The Good Old Days
How Did You Know THAT?
A Rilly Big Shew
Ya Gotta Laugh
Talkin’ ‘Bout Your G-G-Generation
High School Reunion
Geekfest 2002
I’m Sick.
Feeling Melancholy
America, Home of the Fun
But I Don’t Like Spam!
Father’s Day
Summer Camp for Geeks, and the Dubious Appeal of Julia Roberts
The University of Rude Awakenings
Harry Potter and the Disk of Secrets
Stray Thoughts
Have You Had Your Irony Today?
Everybody Knows…
What Are You Looking For?
Mickey, Chuck, Pee-Wee and Me
It’s Still Rock & Roll to Me
Your Tax Dollars at Work
Torment of Roses
Picking on the Oscars 2002
Word Power
Britney Spears Nude!
I Come By It Honestly
The Glue Wars
Will You Take a Check?
The Bonsai Cow and Other Strange Tales

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